Sunday, February 22, 2009

a meaningful weekend..

finally, i got the chance 2 go back home..
i woke up on 6.45am early in the fri morning, jus wanna 2 take bus n get home..
things weren't go too smooth bt not too wrong, all the pp taking taxi 2 went away from the new bus terminal.. jus left me n some guard there waiting 4 the shuttle bus..
erm, luckily there r gals' security guard there ..
i get into the bus finally ..

new bus terminal's toilet.. really bored 2 wondering there..
later on, i went 2 meet my old fren..
we go 2 S2 jusco's old town 4 lunch..
the quantity is nt too much bt it made me full.. however, the ice lemon tea is terrible sour!!
due 2 lack of sugar.. (y don i add the sugar myself? oh, i didn't think bout tis that time,, how stupid am i..)
guest wat we do?
huh? don think nonsense..
we went bowling..
now i only know we need 2 let them keep a shoe (nt a pair) 2 lend a pair of shoes..
2nd row is mine result..
nice try on 5th round rite?
it is 1st time i play bowling le.. hehe...
watch the video down there 4 2nd times..
i almost get 0 every half round...

i help my bro 2 bought tis book..
Bro, must lend me tis book after u finished it!!
i wanna be the 1st who lend!!
i don care!!
there r somemore books that lure me..
so , whoever got MPH card pls PM me..lend me 2 buy some books.. thanks ya..^^

erm, i enjoyed very much that day..
thanks a lot, son..

i spend my weenkend at home..
watching tv, playing keyboard, eating, sleeping, reading books, playing wit my bro n so on..

yesterday nite..
somebody called me 2 lately in the midnite bt 2 early in the dawn..
he alerted my mind..
thanks a lot guy...
i never felt the urge 2 awake myself on 3am in the morning 2 do thinking...
i took out all the old note books n diaries..
refresh back many many things..
there r too many things...
my life, my POV, my feeling..
the happy moment, the sad story n many more..
bt, it revives me very much..
cos i found my dreams..
here they r:
i wrote tis thingy b4 SPM..
i gonna elaborate more on tis thingy next time..

due 2 leak of sleeping, i can't really wake up the next (sunday) morning..
i took the bus again 2 back 2 melaka in the afternoon..
thanks 2 the brillliant JF and the kind JY..

we jumped down from the bus ..
i get back 2 ixora 1 hour earlier than usual....

the sky 2day raining heavily..
n the storm n lightening were playing around too..
the whole campus r likely 2 eaten by the heavy rain...

bt, i believe it is reviving the earth.. after it is being polluted so much...
i sense the freshness in the air after it stop..
jus like my mind is being activated again..

tis is the black chocolate QH gav me..
thanks a lot a lot...
luckily u back safetly 2day..

take care, my frens..


幸せおよび嬉しいです said...

cute pic~ ( toilet pic~ )
hmm, that was from our class mag rite ?
yeah, brought back lots of memories~

btw, miss u lotz~
must take care k?

keep in touch always~!

= anza =

Anonymous said...

When sorrow is shared, it is halved right?