Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Class Canceled.

Class cancelled = holiday ;

Holiday = hang out ;

Hang out = enjoy and have FUN!!

Because of the first week of new sem of MMU has always no tutorial class, we have a lecturer that not yet come back from duty some more, therefore we have a holiday today. hehe..

Actually, they start their planning since yesterday.
In the morning, the guys go to ONE STOP Center and settle their thing. After that, we rush to DreamBox at Dataran Pahlawan to start screaming. It have been a long time since I last went to KTV to sing karaoke. I'm so up set that there is no Love Story by Taylor Swift and many more nice song also haven update by them. The lunch there just taste normal. But WJ complain that his chicken cop is terrible. Haha. Well, QH, KS, WK,, JF, JY and I enjoy singing very much since we are singing kaki. However, KS got sing "Take A Bow" and WJ got hold the mike for a few song of Westlife. Haha. I hope they can be more open and enjoy next time.
Later, we plan to go Harbour Club near Aloha and Sunshine Bar to play badminton. We cancel it because most of us are not so interested. By the way, the scenery there is breath taking. I have capture a few nice picture and hope to get it from WJ next time.
But here are some photo taken using my phone:

This is just the refection from the dark mirror of the view.

After we stop by WK's house to get some flour, we got to Jusco Melaka to buy some ingredient. We are going to make a type of Japanese Pancake, where I forget the name.

When we arrive at JF's house, I'm quite tired already. I'm in charge of cleaning the prawn. Very soon, we have nice Pancake to eat. Actually the pancake is taste like Takoyaki Ball, thanks to WK for sharing this recipe.

Our next destination is UG, before that, Jane treat us ice-cream at WK's car. Haha. We go into University Green, a housing area to swim. For me, I just play inside the pool since I dunno how to swim and did not dare to do so. After one hour, we go home.

I got 8am class tomorrow, and also the Japanese Class, I hope I will not skip it some more. ALL THE BEST to me. ^^


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