Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

It was a very special Father's Day today.
Although I'm not at home, but, this is the very first time in my life, I wish my dad "Happy Father's Day!"

In my family, we don't have the culture or maybe habit to celebrate Father's Day or even the real birthday of my dad. So, the story is, today is the last day of my PD camp, before we check out, we squeeze (I think is 14 of us) in a small room to have the first gather in the morning. The task for us is, "Since today is Father's Day, we all have to call our daddy and wish him HAPPY FATHER's DAY, with the condition of using LOUD SPEAKER, so that everyone can know your daddy's response. "

Huh, I'm quite afraid. Because I never do such thing. The guys call their daddy, speaking with their own dialect, and the others keep laughing silently besides each other. I get nervous because most of them already complete their task.

Somebody say : "Yi Yong's turn now."

Oh my god, there are thousand of butterflies in my stomach on that time.
I dialed, and set my handphone in LOUD SPEAKER mode.
I can hear my heartbeat so loud from my chest.
"Duh duh, duh...
Ba, where are you now?
At home lo. What's the matter?
Erm, Happy Father's Day.
Huh? What?
Oh, erm. Hehe. Next week come home and help me to ........
Oh, oh, oh, okay la. Arha. That's all la. Bubye. "

I'm release. Huh, It's not easy for me, a bad daughter to speak such thing.
If it is not a task, I think I will never have gut to do so.
But, I feel quite happy afterward.
I hope I, the bad daughter can keep this habit up. ^^

PS: The love between my dad and I, although we didn't speak it out, but we know it by our heart. I hope you will stay healthy and happy forever, daddy!


hon fai said...

what a nice task... is a good start...^^

Yan Jiong said...

nice... jia you... :)

M!ngShi said...

just in heart is definately not enough ... Your father want you to speak more often to him actually =p