Thursday, June 18, 2009

Improve English fast

Improve English fast

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Improve English fast I AM referring to the article “Many object to making English a must pass SPM subject” (The Star, June 10).
I am a software project manager for a large company in Cyberjaya. I resided in the United Kingdom for almost 12 years; first studying for my bachelors/masters degree and then working in the software engineering field.

Since returning to Malaysia over a year ago, I am shocked and dismayed to find out how poor our command of the English Language has become. Our company is currently on a recruitment drive, and most of the interviewees who turned up spoke broken English at best. Most were local graduates.

This is not acceptable and Malaysia cannot compete on a world stage if this continues. China’s main language is Mandarin, however, they are taking concrete steps to improve their English.
Most of the engineers I worked with from China recently could speak good English, as well as their mother tongue. This is in stark contrast to the situation 10 to 20 years ago, when the English level there was poor.

Like it or not, English is a must for survival. Time is being wasted. How many more generations of our bright students and young minds are we going to experiment with?
Just bite the bullet and get on with it. Our window of opportunity to keep abreast with the rest of the world is narrowing.


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