Monday, June 15, 2009

New Semester

I'm so busy since coming back here.. nearly no time to update my blog.. A new semester start and we start to go lecure. I'm now taking Mechanical Enginering at Melaka and need to study another four year here. Erm, I got to go to class now.. Update later.

This is one of the blog post i wrote last week:

You know what? Yesterday night, I thought I will stay sat home and rest earlier at night; but, somebody drag me out to watch movie. Well, it is no offence with watching movie, however, it is HORROR movie!!

Although I can’t meet John and Hung as planned, but Jeffrey fetch me out with his dad’s Mercedes. I cannot figure out how his dad take care of the old car, it is aged more than 20 years old but still look clean and function well. After that, I were busy talking through phone and Jake is on the car later. So unfortunately our VIP, Miss Cheery didn’t join us that day.
“Night at the Museum II – Comedy. Full tonight..
Blood – Action movie, the guys are not interested on it although I do..
Drag me to the Hell – Horror movie, 18PL - 3 tickets please. thank you. ”

We went into the fifth cinema of TGV at Jusco S2 on 11.10pm. As usual, advertisement come first and then trailer. Soon, the movie started. Well, it is not so horror at the beginning because the evil spirit seems funny. When the pretty main actress comes out, the antagonist comes too.
They have great contrast:

Main actress – She is a young and beautiful girl with a lovely boy friend.
Antagonist – She is an old ugly woman with terrible look (one eye grandmum) and bad hygiene.

The terrify part is the sound effect with the sudden attack of the ugly old woman. It is just EWWW x 100 times with all the worms, flies, blood, intestine and corpse. And of course, I screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam for a little while because of the awful scene. I hope Jake was not disturbed by me. Hahaha..

By the way, horror movie + midnight movie are always related to Seremban + Jeffrey. The 1st horror movie is Quarantine and now Drag Me to the Hell. Jeffrey, can’t you bring me watch others movie instead of horror one?

Three of us went to Lobak to yum cha after that. Soon, we went home and I reached home bout 2.25am. Huh, guess what? My family still haven’t back home yet. Hurrah! So they didn’t know I went out or went back on exactly what time. Hehe. What a naughty girl I am. Haha.
I got to wake up on 7.30am in the morning and now is 3.35am. Erm, got to sleep.
Lastly, I wanna thanks Jake for treating us the movie and thanks to Jeffrey for the coke and the fetching. Argatogozaimashita. Nice to meet you tonight, Jake. And hope to meet Miss Cheery next time. Oyasuminasai. ^^

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