Friday, June 5, 2009

JB last day..

It takes 45mins from my sis house, Kulai to Jusco Tebrau City.
We have our dinner at a Japanese restaurant call Kinsahi. Nice environment and sumptuous japanese food. I ordered a mixed fried Bento with fresh fried tempura, I chiban. However, I did something wrong again, I leave a not so good comment for them before I leave. Sumimasen. Later, we hang out around for a while before we go back. Before we reach home, we went Mamak for supper. OMG. I ate half piece of Roti Kosong and 1 satay chicken. So full today.

tomoroow will go back seremban early in the morning,,
See ya!! ^^

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haru90 said...

erm, something i forgot 2 mention is.. I met wen jun at the japanese restaurant.. haha..

i still rmr last time we contact each other n try 2 meet bt it failed in the end..
Bt tis time we met without any plan.
Is this we call luck??