Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Update

So, I would like to update about my status, here, in Kulai, Johor Bahru.

Yup, My brother and I came to my eldest sister’s house for a short vacation, since all of us is in holiday. It was in the evening of Tuesday, my brother and I take Plusliner Bus, of 3 hours journey came to Johor Bahru. And then, we took a bus from Sri Puteri to Kulai. After that, my sister came to fetch us, of course.

Yesterday, we went to IOI Mall at Kulai to eat KFC. It was like very long time ago I didn’t eat KFC fried chicken. And today, we went to a restaurant nearby, a bit high class and expensive one, to ate lunch. Later, we went to Kulai Tesco to walk around. I will upload the photo later. And now, we are waiting for the Pizza delivery to our house. Hehe.. I know I will getting fatter if keep eating all those high calories and fast food. I will plan a diet later on lolz. Hehe.. I have nothing much to say, since nothing much happen. We stay at the house and enjoy the relaxing rountine - eating , reading , watching movie and so on.

Stay tunned for my update.. ^^

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