Thursday, June 25, 2009

Plan, plan, plan..

So wat's the plan of saturday??

Objective : Watch TRANSFORMER!!! A gathering for family members.
Date & Time : This Saturday..
People involve : YY, QH, KS, JY, Jane, JF, WK, WJ, Bear. (Who else?)
Transportation : WK?? JY??
Guys, Let's vote..
Plan A:

We gather at evening and watch Transformer.
Eating dinner, maybe supper afterward.
Go to watch the music fountain. <<>
Go home and sleep.

Plan B:
We gather after having lunch by ourself.
Go somewhere like Harbour Club (Badminton, Swimming and Sonna) or Ayer Keroh (Rock Climbing and Kayak)
continue with Plan A.

Plan C:
We gather after having lunch by ourself.
Go shopping around DP and MP.
continue with plan A.

Plan D:
We gather after having lunch by ourself.
Go to some tourism hotspot (Red house?? A Famosa??

What else I left out??
and who cannot go pls inform me ASAP.. TQ.. ^^


Jerome said...

surely plan A!!!
mountain of music!!!
last time wanna go there also...
but too late d ><

edmund lym said...

haha.. wow, lots of plan huh...
trasformer show is superb..hehe..
i would suggest, only g for plan A..
coz if u do other plan before the movie,u all will be very tired while watching..haha

edmund lym said...

btw, where is mountain of music??

haru90 said...

is fountain of music la..
I'm not sure with it. I will try 2 ask the malaccans.