Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The story of Eggs and Love

A nice story that I would like to share. Taken from http://mywords-mymind.blogspot.com/2009/06/taken-from-alvins-blog.html and http://alvinkq.blogspot.com/

One day, while you walking on a long street and carrying a basket of eggs with you.
You met a beautiful girl on the way and she was carrying a empty basket.
Then you felt that you had a crush on her and so you accompanied her on the journey.
You didn't realize what were you doing and then suddenly you had already put all your eggs in her empty basket.
She wasn't careful enough in holding her heavy basket and then she dropped the basket on the floor.
You feel angry at her that all your eggs were broken because of her!

As a summary, don't ever put too much of hope on something you do, especially LOVE and FEELING.
This will make you even more hurt when breaking up occurs.

The solution for the story above is, you have to put your eggs one by one into her basket so that it won't be too heavy for her to carry the eggs from your basket out of a sudden.

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