Thursday, June 11, 2009

Result come out di..

Yup.. This morning, erm,actually is afternoon la, somebody wake me up through phone call and tell me the news: OUR RESULTS COME OUT ADY!!

Oh, I'm fully awake suddenly. I on my laptop before I went to brush my teeth.
No surprise for me, I didn't have improvement but luckily didn't drop.
And then, I chat through msn messenger for a whole afternoon with variety of people. haha..

actually my eyes are still swell and pain because I watch Drama series until 5am today only go to sleep. Tired..
The date tonight still very fragile. Everything like not confirm. Hope it going well.

tomorrow will have the course registration, but i got to go KL to find my sister for shopping. Still wonder how i going 2 do the course registration. Anyone offers his or her help to me? haha.. I'm likely to appreciate it very much. hehe.. Arigato first.. ^^

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