Friday, June 19, 2009

To the one I hurted and I loved..

To the one that I hurted:
I know a million thousand of "SORRY" can't express my apolpgy, for the Godsaken mistake I made, to hurt you the most, when you give so much hope on me, truly believe me and dependant on me; I did not stay by your sides, when you need me the most; I am the one who forget your birthday; I neglect you because I'm preoccupied with my stuff; and lastly, I don't even know how to tell you "I'm sorry to hurt you, my lovely friend." How could I just walked away from your life so easily and hurted you so bad. Although you said you already forgive me, but, I never say "sorry" to you face by face.

To the one that I loved:
Thank you, for being so supportive and give me your care and your love, although I start to forget to say "Thank you". You never grumble when I request help from you. You never mad at me when I did something wrong while you will try to fix it for me. You just give me whatever you can to satisfy me, listen to me and calm me down while I'm mad. You never fail to touch my heart and wipe away my tears. I couldn't say "Thank you", because that is not enough, for a friend like you, taking care of me for so long and forgive me always.

My lovely friend, do email or sms me when you miss me, even if we could not meet each other. Because deep inside our heart we know that, we care for each other. Friendship forever!!


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