Thursday, April 30, 2009

CC's birthday..

Today, 30th of April is PCC's birthday..
I just back from the small celebration..

The flow is like this:
I'm surprise to hear that my ex-SIR birthday is today on the evening..
after a rushing discussion and planning,
we are able to get help from JY , go to jusco to buy cake..
Thanks a lot lot.. My SIR's fren seem so unhelpful at that time..
So, we spread the news to everyone,
go secret recipi to buy a NEW YORK CHEESE Cake,
send the cake to da jie's house for keep,
then back to my room again..

Huh, I spent 1 hour to finished my lab report(actually nt yet la, just the front part done)
and the time went fast..
I packed my things, simply chose a shirt,
rushed to da jie's house to get the cake, then went down 2 Ixora food court..

WK n JF were there n they keep calling me..
Be more patient next time..

Rush, rush, rush again, to do the birthday card,
and gather all the people at the top floor of Ixora food court..
Unfortunately, the guard came up and want us to left..
after some argument, he stands there n watches us lit the candles..
we leave the cake with lighten candles in the center of the court and start to hide ourself when we saw CC's car passed by..

Soon, my SIR n Rcl came ..
U know wat?
the guard still standing there..
wat a wonderful portrait...
I think he eat glass for all the time to become invisible..

the 1st sentence :"happy birthday to you!" started by me,
and we sang the song..
erm, just 4 once, nt fun at all..
he made a wish n blown the candles..
we faster swift to Habeed..

erm, the place was smelly n hot..
after finished the air limau n ate the cake,
some of us went home..
of course, 1 of them is me la..
I'm weary, after rushing here n there for the whole evening..
got to keep some energy because wanna go JB to find my sis 2morow.. ^^

I wanna thanks the people:
Da jie for providing the fridge,
JY for the transport,
all the guys n gals that turned up (Rcl, Bear, PZhen, PShan, Joe, Ans, Jrome JHao, WJun, Ah Yi, Ah Yong, PavS, BSheng, WKeong, JFei)

erm, I think I wanna mention..
Bro WK, thank you..
I'm missing my little bro at home when I'm playing with you..
Haha.. The scene is so alike..

BTW, I can meet my real sis n bro soon..
JB, wait for me.. ^^

*p/s: tell u all something bout my sir, he gave me the 1st nickname in MMU,
but no one used it ady, cos he is my ex-SIR di, n the copyright not reserved.. haha..

PCC, the worm..

Mariam: What can I help you, SIR?

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