Thursday, April 2, 2009

A tiring day

Ady do some editing on the layout.. will improve further..
jus give me more comment..

A week passed so fast..
I finished the applied maths n physics test..
still got chemistry test n probability&applied maths assignment..
hope all the thing will gone so soon..

today is our little bear birthday..
we had celebrated her birthday last nite..
we went to jusco 2 buy cakes, n appear suprisingly in Mori..
after the cake cutting ceremony, we ate n drunk (of course nt alcohol!!)..
the singer at mori that nite is good, her tonne, so A Mei..
and her partner, a guitaist n keyboard player also geng lo.. hehe..
then, the 'be2 bin3' guy go up stage 2 sing a love song..
the atmosphere is incredible 'lem'..
after mori closed, we stayed near the staircase 2 play some games..
i jus rmr "Home sweet home.. Night.... " haha..
cos he is rushing to go home to hav shower n go to sleep..
i think that is the only day he stay so late with us..

tired.. that nite..
a bit sweallor on my leg due to the high-heel shoes..

today class is so dull..
jus 1 hour only...
the weather is so hot until i going mad..
sorry if my temper's "hotness" burned you..

got to go prepare for my japanese class tonight..
will go cyberjaya 2morow 2 visit the campus there..
hope 2 get home soon..
to hav my laptop back ..

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