Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oops, I'm late...

Do you ever wonder the most generous person among ours gang is KS?
Yes, he is very neutral..
but he has the heart of goodness..
why i say so?
jus becos yesterday morning, due 2 i on my laptop n signed in 2 msn,
i chat with my sis while a junior find me asking 4 help..
there4, I'm late 4 thirty mins to meet KS!!
if somebody do that 2 me, believe me, I'll kill him!!
so, we should give him an award, as the token of respectation towards his perfect personalities..

well, we did not much thing 4 the Academic Writing..
a careless guy leave his wallet at his home while he still dare 2 drive 2 campus without license..
so, all the bros went 2 his house ..
fortunately, no thief took his belonging..

after that, we moved on 2 Mc Donald to have lunch..
the Mc Donald at Jusco melaka is so FULL!!
I can't imagine the amount of money Mc Donald can earn every second..
Such a great invention of frachising with nice french fried n refillable coke..

I hereby want to express my appreciation 2 my bro,
for treating us lunch,
for sharing the joy,
and for being so kind n generous 2 us..
ありがとございました x 100times.. ^^

r the one who scold you the most..
cos they want 2 correct you 4 ur goodness..
if they encourage u continue 2 do the wrong thing,
then that is just equal to backstabbed..
so, do open-minded n take the advices,
cos our eyes can't see ourself!!
let the mirror (fren) be your guidance..
you know it is smtimes, hard 2 spill it out
cos we r being so close..
so, take a deep think on it...
i hope the TOGETHERNESS can be continued,
with great challenge bt also good solution..

so, we rushed back 2 campus 4 replacement of lab session..
2day lab going very well with all my bros cooperation n team work..
i'm honoured 2 be the secretary ..
we r the 1st group which leave the lab..
is that a good or bad symptom?
who knows??

i rushed back 2 take a quick bath ..
tis afternoon, is really a great sona ..
thanks to the clear sky n hot sun, i sweat a lot although i had taken my bath..

the members of World Mandarin Voices gather at the roundabout 4 outing tis evening..
well, tis is my very first time to the famous Pantai Puteri at Klebang I always heard from my frens..
As the matter of fact, YES!! the scenery there is fantastic..
We "enjoyed" so much watching the sunset ,
while waiting 4 the BBQ 2 set up..

We ate 1 cone ice-cream, and the half the watermelons cos we r actually starving..
we played with the sand n the sea water..
we captured some nice picture of the sunset..
we also talk bout ghostly story.. hehe..
well, we have a hide n seek shoes games n i enjoyed it very much..
thank you guys 4 the effort, you all are just so kind 2 me.. ^^

As soon as all the people gathered, the BBQ started..

fried bihun cucumber (my favourate..)
hotdogs corn chicken wings
ikan bakar si ham sotong
sirap limau honey fried rice

the sky full with stars..
will be meaningless if you don't know how 2 intepret them..
got 2 learn astrology ASAP.
or else, the clear sky full with stars, will jus only the same everynite..

sharing has a great effect on learning..
through sharing, we can know something without experienced it ourself..
So I enjoyed when the seniors shared all kind of information from books, real life solution to facts n Point of view..

Good things always come with pairs..
so the unexpected 2nd round of outing came truth..
we go dreambox ktv 4 sing K..
due 2 long time didn't sing K, i jus followed..
you didn't need 2 be the 1 who always holding the mike,
singing with lovely vocal n tunes,
you just have 2 enjoyed with the music..
(actually, i don hav good voice, cos the mike didn't like me.. haha..)
well, besides enjoying singing, the teasing part also very ......... undescrible.. just lam..
after the photo taking, we went backed..

I hereby wanna thanks a lot to the World Mandarin Voices committee 4 the BBQ..
We appreciate your effort on trying 2 create the team work within us..
N thanks a lot 2 jasmine too..
she fetch me backed n lend me some money..

(Oops.. I hear the mosque start bibling..
since it is so loud, so i will continue my blogging..)
Out of control?
I dunno wanna use which words 2 describe mself..
when yous start 2 break your own rules,
you will break it twice, perhaps i'm breaking 3 rules from my regular habbit..
who care the purse keep singing "keep bleeding, keep bleeding blood..."
who care you engage in frivolous and dissolute pleasures?
who care you want to be awake for 20 hours a day?
who care you getting darker while u hav put great effort on bleaching ur complesion?
who care you are taking high calories food 4 a whole day's meal?
well, who cares?
before i wanna offline..
got something very important i wanna warn you all..
there was an accident happended yesterday near MMu..
pls.. pls.. pls..
driver: be careful when driving..
driving with fast n furious is cool n fabulous..
bt other drivers don't have your skills n technique..
i do trust ur driving skills bt i didn;t trust others..
so do DRIVE SAFE!!
road users : (especially walking 1) be alerted when crossing the road..
speed car r everywhr nowadays..
i think i will sleeping 4 a whole day 2day..
to my lovely frens, don awake me if you didn't have any emergency..
you know me very well , rite??


Fishy™ said...

i should feel thankful to u cuz i'm still alive although i've once make u waiting for such a long time lo?
delighted moment wo.. muz b very happy on tat day lo!

haru90 said...

erm, i don know wat r u talking about..

Fishy™ said...

=.=" juz forget abt it..