Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nice moonlight with clear sky today..

a tiring day has gone..

the Drama Festival of MMU 2009 have ended..
3 groups from foundation hav been complete 4 one price..
interesting show just now..
we enjoyed
dramas from law n management students,
dancing n singing by MMU students,
the tip-tap dance from Palestine,
the songs sang by ILMU lecturers (miss azu skips our cls 4 practice le!! nw only we know)
many lucky draw prize included 2 SE phone, 2 mp4 n 1 canan digi camera (bt we didn't get it!)
and so so on...

there are something i wanna mention...
a stupid guy behind me spilt water on me ..
4 the scene that is not funny at all..
T.T'' ish.. fortunately, i'm nt wet..

after that, we guys went 2 KFC!!
the guys skip the dinner n waited so long 4 tis moment...
erm, nice nudget n nice float i hav 4 tonight supper..
bt it spoilt my diet n money-saving plan..
wat can do??
once in a while..
perhaps once in a week i always out of control..

the night scene 2day is wonderful..
clear sky..bright moon.. with few stars..
hope you all enjoy the wonderful nite..

although 2morow is melaka historical day (public holiday),
my scedule is so full..
haiz.. tired.. got 2 sleep now.. so that 2morow will be going smooth..

Good nite n sleep tight.. ^^

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