Friday, April 24, 2009


Actually, I didn't have any idea wat 2 update..

Erm, do you know the spot light of MMU main field will automatic turned off on everyday 1am..
Why I knw these?
Becos the main field's spot light is spot on my room..
Although there are curtains cover on the window,
but the light is still so strong..
that's why it called spotlight, rite??
So, next time you wanna know which one is my room,
just seek the direction of spotlight.. haha..

Back to the point,
Why I know these?
Thanks to coffee..
The caffeine does bring insomnia to me..
I couldn't fall asleep although the light have been switch off since 12am..
I count the sheep..
and time just pass..
And when the spot light off,
I'll know 1am comes ..
How dare I taking these drugs while I'm in the progress of writing my Academic Essay entittled "Negative Effects of drugs on Human"..
Will stop drinking coffee on evening.. I promised.. (myself)

Why I hadn't update my blog recently??
erm, maybe nothing happy n fun 2 be told here..
erm, maybe the sad things can go faster if u just need to be forgetful and eliminate it out of your heart..
that's why I don't want to tell sad story here..
Or else, all the guys will say me EMO and pessimitic again..

I do have some special thing 2 be written 4 today..
But, paiseh la..
If got time next time only write la..
wanna BIA MUET..
but I seem not in the right mood to do so..
Just wanna rest earlier 2day..

Thanks QH 4 invitation, bt i'm weary..
Thanks guy 4 the Otak-otak,
You all are so kind to me..
thanks again n again..
so tomorrow,
Wish all the guys, GOOD LUCK ya!!

**my phone got some problems today.. Can't send out sms.. Sorry to cause inconviniency and trouble.. N the hotlink no. expired la.. Sorry..


Fishy™ said...

thought u don wanna sms me anymore...
by the name of our lord, i'll forgive u la!
hehe.. xtra rm100 to spend for next month!

haru90 said...

Your lord is not my god, ok??
My phone got problems nt i didn't reply..maybe nearly out of credit..hoho..
Don show off la.. save the money for future use..

Fishy™ said...

in front of my lord, every1 is the same, no difference, u r me, i am u, ur money is mine, my money is still mine... get it? start pay me next month onwards! it's for ur own good!
spent so much everyday, of cuz out of credit la!
mayb will take the money for further investment or little present or put it to bank lo.. keep it with me n i'll certainly use up it de lo..

haru90 said...

wat a wonderful phase..
but it is so not true..