Friday, April 10, 2009

Fast and Furious 4..

My throat infection seem affect my respiratory system..
I slept on the lab session while others busy carry out the experiment..
I ponteng the clss later n i went back home to sleep..
After forcing myself to study hard on Chemistry,
I finally feel some hungry and the appetite to eat food..
bt, it seems i can't take any sumptous food by now..
Erm, chemistry mid term test for 1 hour at the cool exam hall...
luckily, my brain still can function well that time..
later, i want to back home 2 get more rest n get my assignment done..
bt, my brothers n sister kipnaped me to MBO cinema 4 a movie..

By the way, I feel a little uneasy at the beginning..
However, the movie "FAST N FURIOUS 4" is nice to watch..
and, I enjoyed singing "Love Story" in the overloaded car..

I can't really get up from my bed tis morning..
Keep coughing makes me feel irritating..
after copying the assignment,
i went 2 the campus clinic jus now..
Suprisingly, the doctor 2day is better..
at least he checked n explained my condition insist of jus giving me medicine..
good service.. (U guys can try n hav a visit next time.. haha..)
now, blogging at CITS penta lab.. hehe..

Recover ASAP..
Bro WK enjoyed his trip 2 meet David Achulate..
Sis QH recover ASAP..
I get back my laptop..

25th of April : MUET writing test!!!
5th of May : Full Academic Writing death line!!

dunno where to go n wat to do the next..
hope God will give me the power 2 decide..


Anonymous said...

"death" line???

Anonymous said...

and it should be "instead" instead of "insist"

"instead of just giving you medicine.."

caesium-137 said...

Erm, well, there are some grammar mistakes in ur blog. Anyway, got people corrected u. Wish u get well soon. Bless u.

haru90 said...

so thank you 4 all the tutor..
trying hard 2 improve...
will edit next time..