Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm really numb!

Although I have enough sleep hour yesteday night,
but I still feel so weary for a whole day..

What a wonderful day..
I went to ACR to certify some documents for application of Proton scholarship purpose, early in the morning..
The post office was crowded with people queue up on morning time..
Fortunately, when I went there for the 3rd time, there were less people..
I bought a post laju envelope and put in all the documents..
"Please, please, please let me get this.. I really need it!" I prayed deep inside my heart, before i put the envelope into the mail box..
Guest what, I realised I'm really super duple numb!
I sent all the things through post laju but leaving the most important document in my file!!
I forgot 2 attach the prove of slip gaji!!
OMG x 300 times..
Like KS says, "It is so unacceptable!"
What a terrible and horrible careless mistake i have done..
Huh... sob.. sob..
Ish.. Ish.. Ish..
Haiz.. Haiz.. Haiz..


Fishy™ said...

y so careless wo? no wonder this morning u seem rushing here n there de.. so how is the application now? gt put the document into it afterward?

haru90 said...

of course no.. sent ady yesterday..
so today attach the missing document n sent again..
it's nt the only scholarship,
bt it is 1 of my great hope..