Thursday, April 16, 2009



Lack of sleep..

Although yesterday is a public holiday 4 melaka,

but, i still lacking of sleep time today ..

why a??

on the morning, yohere, fsh, jef n i went to play the Board Game of Rich Dad Poor Dad..

erm, quite interesting monopoly game..

i won at the 1st round.. ^^V

but losed at the 2nd.. T.T''

the victory of the game is depend on your luck, actually..

learn a great lesson yesterday..

By the way, i meet a senior from my 2ndary sch..

now only i know thr r actually quite a lot of Chan Wa guys study here..

after lunch, i went back Ixora and do the online thingy..

sending a few application on scholarship..

hope i do hav the luck 2 get them..

n time passed so fast..

i cook some pasta 4 dinner n went to meeting after that..

erm, meeting=boring..

at the end of the session, they start 2 talk bout Manchester n Liver Pool..


sorry, i'm nt their fans..

so i went back home..

well, that time is quite late..

the campus is jus 'dark'..

a bit scare, cos i'm alone..

i spent 1 hour jus 4 drawing the uncertanties of graph of la report..

then, sleeping time...

well, i can't really wake up 2day..

lab session on the morning very irritating cos the circuit is jus complicated...

copy, copy n copy is wat i do 4 the report..

i wonder how can i pass the written test of physics lab 2 on week 13..

sumptuos dessert i hav after my lunch 2day..

a sweet donut from plaza siswa..

life is jus wonderful when you enjoyed it..

the english class 2day is just 1/2 an hour ..

i enjoyed watching you tube at the class room..

got Poker Face, Love Story, A little Not Over You n so on..

nice.. fantastic!!

i went back home n take a shower, then a nap..

no appetite 2 eat dinner 2day..

just hav sm bread n biscuit..

then, the gnirob japanese class..

and now, i'm surfing internet at sigma lab at campus..

wow, the speed is incredible fast!!!

now only i feel satisfy y our IT fees so expensive..

so , later got to send QH to sentral..

she is going back penang 2 celebrate her mum's birthday..


wish you always happy, healthy and pretty.. "


n i wish QH have a safe trip n happy weekends..

** i also hope my weekend won't be too gnirob.. hoho..


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

gnirob then come back seremban lar ~ ~ wakaka ! ! no reason find 1 reason to come back... ie: you say you miss your home food right?? hah ! !that's a strong reason liao lor ...

haru90 said...

i wish to..
i'm in financial crisis now le..
jsu 2 save some cost..