Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving on..

Life just need to be moving on no matter what happen..

Everyday got life passed away ,

everyday got people lossed their job,

everyday got people divorced,

everyday got people loss their hope toward life..


there r many babies borned everyday..

there r many couples get married everyday..

there r many people gain new job with high salary..

n there r many people have their faith to life in tis minute..

The moon and sun continue 2 take their duty,

the tide comes n go every now and then,

the time tick tacking without looking back,

and the devil take lifes without mecy everyday..

Life need to moving on no matter what happen..

If one day, I passed away suddenly,

my frens, my family n my loves one,

you all still need 2 carry on your life..

cos my life ended doesn't means it is ur end too..

My dear frens, bros n sis,

if someday i really have 2 leave you all,

it is not because i do nt love u all anymore,

it is just my journey need to be continued,

although it takes me somewhere i never been before,

although it takes me somewhere dark and down..

although I'm afraid of lossing the things i have now..

I do afraid..

Afraid of lossing,

afraid of being hurt,

afraid of being seem to be a weirdo..

I do..


Everyone else do..

I believe in fate..

But I believe my fade is in my hand..

I need to work them out to achieve my dream..

bt, in the matter of private affairs,

I just let the fate set by God..

so, I do believe in fate..

Just let the fate carry on..


Qiaohui said...

Sis..u wont die soo fast..
if lk tat..i'll die 1st den u cz..
i'm older..n i blacken heart..
so i will die faster..haha..
plz think positively..

How... said...

haha a girl that too pessimistic, y life make u so? life is urs, think pessimistic o optimistic is ur own choise.o mayb u have this kind of thought juz for a sudden only;anywhere yesterday is passed, tomorrow is future, but today is a present, try to live well every today and u will not regret even 1 day the fate bring u away..if thinking tomorrow makes u feel pessimistic, then dun think about it cause u never know wat will happens tomorrow..but if today u live n do all ur things well...i believe ur tomorrow will be better. live well, and become a shining star one day.(^(oo)^)@

haru90 said...

i'm not pessimistic, ok?
i'm just giving some example..
the worst can happen 2 me is just death..
so my world is very bright now, don worrry..

Anonymous said...

Aren't you being pessimistic by thinking about death right now?

haru90 said...

Death is a very common thing in life,
we live, and we will die, someday..
so don't be too resist to the word "death" or may be you are just scare by the fact of death..
it is just a part of life..

I use death as the example, because i think this is the worst thing that can be happened to me..
just a metaphor.. k?

Fishy™ said...


haru90 said...


hon fai said...

quite nice...^^
jus one thing...
fate is fate...
we cant do anything on it ..
for example the movie "knowing"..
what still can do when it is sure that the earth will be gone on the next moment?nothing rite...haha..
but i really like wat u mention in ur

haru90 said...

thanks, dustin..

Anonymous said...

like wat he said...
fate is fate...
so for what thinking about death, when we cant avoid it?
making yourself better by thinking more about it?
think about it...

Fishy™ said...