Sunday, April 19, 2009


Red jasmine will be the starter..
I'm not sure all tis photo taken on wat time..
but just wanna share with you all..

Elmo's tie and Da Jie's fan plus the modal.. hehe.. ^^

WJ, me and da jie on the car, on the way 2 eat sushi..

QH n I.. cos nothing 2 do, we take photo.. hehe.

Marvellous sushi we had at Ichiban House..
Marvellous price we had too 4 that dinner..
I think we went to watch movie after that..

Elmo's cup cake i found at One Stop,
mini market at MMU..
Cute, rite?

The ticket given by yohere 2 watch his performance at Asian Village..

Nice wan tan mee i have at MMU corner..
you all should try if come melaka..

The first them i meet him,
i felt in love with him..
I love him, because
his sorrow,
his strong power..
I just can't resist his handsome!!
Everytime the car passes tis spot
I could meet my idol,
Standing at the center of grave..
somewhere at melaka..
thanks to the driver 3 slowing down the car n let me capture my idol's picture..
i forget who is the driver di..
thanks thanks n thanks a lot..
the road to my bro's house..

just a nice scene..

Erm, i still rmr that day..
we shopping at mahkota parade..
Jefrrey bought his new shoes at Bata, MP..
bt WK, bought his at Taman Bunga Raya..
they bought the same brand same price different sizes shoes at different location..
tis picture is capture from a shop at tmn bunga raya..
so JAPAN style.. haha..
the most memorable thing is the Long Yan Shui..
Cold, sweet water 4 a hot weather, it is just SONG KA LIAO..
it costs us rm 1 per bowl..
yummy.. ^^
we went 2 Asian Village later on..
A cute lamb from 12 animals..
taken at Asean Village..

6 of us with jeffrey car..
jeffrey n I woke up early in the morning n drove to melaka..

Jane, a little make up cos she went 2 perform at somewhere out there.. hehe.. ^^

We went Mc Donald 4 dinner..

say cheese !!

Nice scene from Asean Village too..

Seremban's view..

yo is here.. haha..
Dunno when, I think is near exam time,
the worm, yo n I went 2 hiking..

A geng of gals we meet there..

Both of them dare 2 go up with the string..

The sky n the tree there..

A present I get from Da Jie..
thanks a lt, QH!!
bt I think it is too earlier 4 my birthday..
wat I want 2 say is,
I'm still 18!!

Souvenir from Da JIe..

A picture taken at Cyberia, cyberjaya..
during IET trip..

A place we discovered at Alamanda..
Selling the Black Canyon Coffee,,
A drink from Paradise,
available on Earth.
The Menu..

Huh, nice spagetthi..
I feel so hungry now when seeing tis pic..

we went 2 the garden..

Da jie is in front..
The man wearing black shirt far far across the lake is jeffrey..

Yellow jasmine n KS..
I just play play la..
tis is nt my work..

the tree have no leaf..

nouth exit of alamanda got bamboo rows..

cute lamps i saw at IKEA..
shoping day with my sisters..
if you touch it,
it will off the light..
The price is RM2+.++ only..

We went to 1 Utama have lunch after that..
1 piece of sushi only RM1.00

The cool noodles..
the taste is so so only..

the weird bird's egg for the cool noodles..

Sien at home.. So I played with my handphone..

Air Limau Suam at Plaza Siswa..
Having sore throat that time..
Can't eat anything bt just the butterscotch n tis air limau..

The scene of melaka river..

I went there with QH n Jeffrey..
on the day i feel lost at melaka central.. haha..

this thingy costs me RM350.00

Mc Donald chili n ketchup sauces...

My bro's favourate, Mc Donald french fried..

The fillet o fish burger treated bt WK!!

KS was so happy n excited...

so do jeffrey..

My brother n JY enjoying their meal..

Jy promoting his Coke,,


Just waiting 4 the enginee to warm up..
All of us dare nt 2 go into the car cos the weater too hot, makes the car become oven..
Pantai Puteri, Klebang..

nice scene that day..
blue sky with cystal liked sea water..

The sunset..

Just amazing scenery that can't captured by camera but heart..
although memories might fade away,
but the feeling won't..
Emo HY at the beach..


that night have very clear sky with thousands of star..
yesterday, i went to the chinese orhestra concert..
it was just fanstatic..
thanks 2 chi how 4 offering the ticket..
So the video is the song Permata Dunia sang live with Chinese Orchestra..
Although the quality nt good, bt just enjoy it..


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

Wow~~once upload so many photos . . . you upload the photo using ixora line ah? izit possible??

haru90 said...

yes ..
it is possible..
what you need 2 do is just spent 3 to 4 hours in front of your laptop n wait with full patient..
I can do it.. haha..

Qiaohui said...

yeRRR~~~i wan go concert..
sis join choir next sem..
woohoo~n i wanna go klebang..
haha..nice photo..
sadT.T..when c the photo no me inside..
haiz..go bek hometown wat..
no point la..

haru90 said...

can go back hometown n spend time with family is the most happy moment ..
there r still many memories we can create in the future, just don't ever sacrify family or friends just for fun..

七仔 CJ said...

Happy to see u here..
Nice blog anyway!

haru90 said...

haha.. Thank you, CJ..