Monday, April 13, 2009


Everyday is a new day..

I woke up 5.45am today..

rush back 2 melaka for 9am clss..

erm, today mood quite ok..

WK says that is bcos i saw David Achulate through his digi cam..

maybe... hehe.. i dunno..

AGAIN.. english class cancelled..

eventually, we havn't meet the miss azu 4 3 weeks..

how "responsible" is her..

after the refreshing bath, i took a nap..

feeling so lazy 2 cook 4 dinner..

perhaps is too lazy to eat..

i'm getting fatter... haizyaya..

i went 2 japanese cls 2day..

after ponteng it 4 the whole week , i can't really follow the lesson..

i nearly forget wat is hiragana.. HOW DARE I??

i went to the "60 seconds to fame" event organised in MMU..

erm, no comment on that.. cos i'm quite tired..

i like their ticket n banner design,

bt their backdrop dissapoint me..

the gang dismissed after the show..

jus left few of us g yum cha..

the Teh Halia Soya at Habeeb quite "healthy"..

sweet soya.. the real soya from blended soya bean.. plus a litttle bit ginger..

however, a "reasonable" price 4 a cup a teh halia soya can be used 2 buy a 1liter soya from U center..

Y i'm so kiam siat?? cos ..



my laptop cost me RM350.00 jus 4 replace the cover of it...

I want 2 officially anounce that I'm bankrupt for tis SEM!!!

want 2 have cash fast...

any good job pls recommended 2 me..


got 2 sleep..

nite everyone!!

おやすみなさい.. ^^

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