Monday, April 6, 2009


A random update - as always..

I always believe that when god gives you something,
he will take away something from you at the same time..
Vice versa..
So, don't be over joyed with the happy moment now
while neglect the negative stuff coming..
Don be too sad cos there will always be something good coming..
The bigger the gift you get, the more you lose.
The harder your suffer, the greater your award..

Since I'm starving now, I will cut it short..

The most memorable things happened last week:


1) I went to cyberjaya MMU trip with FOC..
2)We enjoyed having our lunch at the BLACK CANYON RESTAURANT..
and shopping around ALAMANDA..
*small introduction here: "Black Canyon Coffee-
drink from paradise,
available on Earth!
3)I didn't order the coffee... =.=''
4)Kajang satey not nice..(Just at the particular restaurant..)
5)I walked oppose the way tha car coming at HIGHWAY!!
6)I get back home n my 2 sister were with me that night..
7)I didn't prepare any present 4 my both sister 4 their birthday..


\2)My fren is not in, hope she will not too sad...
3)I drive along the HIGHWAY with speed range 80-100km/h from s'bn to kajang.. ^^
(actually, there r no vehicles on that highway..)
4)My sisters n I shopping around IKEA, tired.. Eat Japanese food at 1 Utama..
5)I'm sick.. +.+ due to the the hotness of the weather.. high fever + sore throat
6)I fly the aeroplane of my sister.. I didn't go QING MING.. due 2 sick..
7)It was raining .. Headache..


I got something to say here.. Just listen, ok?

Life need to moving on no matter how good or how bad it is..
because that is your very own life..
don resist to change...
change may lead to darkness bt it does lead 2 BRIGHTNESS too!!
don be afraid.. jus take watever happen, accept it..

don be selfish, bt not neglect yourself..
future .. life..
is in your hand, not theirs!!
dare 2 dream n dare 2 action..
cos we r the master of the life..

we have our very own way to go..
just carry on!!
cos memories might fade, but not FEELING..

I got many things(experiences,opinion n so on) to share, jus don be 2 shame 2 ask..
Cos I'm not be2 bin3 enough 2 act like a professor..


I think that is enough 4 today..
I changed the layout back to ori so that you all can leaves comment..
Have a nice day!1 ^^

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